Holistic Life Coaching

guided empowerment +inspired confidence

what is

Holistic Life Coaching?

Holistic Life Coaches guide + inspire the connection for the awareness of the mind-body-spirit, so that each person is able to evoke a greater health + happiness.


  • reframing the way we think,
  • producing a positive mindset,
  • introducing mindful techniques that fit into your life


  • moving our bodies in ways that honor who we are,
  • finding our retreat within nature and the spot that allows us to  retreat into an awareness of a mindful + regulated path


  • an inner connection with ourselves,
  • to illuminate our need for self care, self love, self confidence, healthy boundaries to cultivate an empowering confidence

What is Life Coaching…

If you are to picture a tree, therapy is like the roots, they anchor into the ground they are the familiarity of the past.  Where when given the time and the right attention, they can help to heal so that the tree can grow strong and have the ability to bend and sway in the storms.

Coaching focuses on the present and future.  The part of the tree that buds in the spring time, the transitions of beginning a new path.  Then on to finding the empowerment of summer where growth is at the trees finest.  In the fall, the  trees beauty shines radiant colours, and has the ability to shed their leaves(or even keep a few).  To lead to winter the time to hibernate and reflect.

The tree has a beautiful ryhthm + connection that evokes an awareness of the mind, body + spirit.  Not one tree has the same path, all transitions are unique, but each are in the present moment.

 Like nature, coaching is a collaboration between the client(you) and coach(Jenny).  Each session is approached empathetically in a compassionate and non judgemental environment.  

I’ve always tended to stay in my own little bubble, my own mind, never really ventured out and definitely have trouble trusting, struggle to find myself and put me first.  I was hesitant and had my doubts at first and thought the whole process was crazy and far out there.  But was willing to give it a try.  I quickly came to realize coaching is just a person you can talk to, who won’t judge, will be there for you and put trust in them to help you discover who you need or want to be.
With each new session, you discover more about yourself and come to realize that you have the strength within you.  It just takes time and commitment not to quit when things start to get tough and rocky.  Having an amazing person beside you to help you discover your journey plays a very important key factor.  Each session has helped me to realize we are only one person and can only carry so much before you break.  At the end of each session, it leaves me feeling relaxed, confident and excited for the next steps to keep moving forward, knowing there will always be a down side as will.
We all need some form of a coach in our lives but have trouble finding that. We all don’t play sports, or have older siblings, or someone to look up to, or someone can fully put our trust into.  We all struggle from time to time throughout life and finding that one person is a gift.  Jenn understands each person is different and has their own story and journey to tell but is willing to help you.  You just have to ask for it. Jenn makes you feel calm, comfortable and relaxed as she listens and helps guide you along with your struggles, strengths and all the uncertainties that may arise.  She’s a person you can build a relationship with and put forth trust into her.  She is willing to take whatever steps that are needed to help discover who you are, where you need to go, or want to go.
Your unsure of yourself, looking to break free from whatever may be weighing on your mind and body; reach out and find your person.  Jenn is great and confident at what she does.
N., Ontario, Canada