a look at your stars within the elements

Take a look at your astrology natal chart, and find a way to navigate toward your north star.

Your natal chart is yours, and a beautiful one at that.  Like a fingerprint, so unique and wonderfully yours.

Anchor your roots into the ground, with the knowing, to cultivate + explore the inner you.  Stretch your branches towards the stars that are shining bright, and ready to unfold their knowledge to you.

When working with Jenny, you will be working with your natal chart and sky now.  Jenny will work with you to gain an understanding of how you can apply your chart to your life today.


Creating an awareness to the magic that is yours to be hold, and held in your natal chart.  Awake the vision of YOU, and attune into your new adventures.


Connect your awareness and discover your worth and your own offerings.  Taking a deeper look into your cosmic navigation, and create a vision of your own path.


Attune into your confidence, as your evoke an awakening to your path.  Cultivate a new experience that is purposeful to you.

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are you finding yourself stuck?

do you know where to go next?

have you felt unique, but never knew why?

do you wonder why something ticks for you, but another thing may not?

wanting to explore your chart, but don’t know where to start?

This is a unique experience with Jenny, as she takes you through your cosmic navigation, and guides your empowerment + inspires your confidence!

Jenny has great insight and speaks through her heart when she is coaching. Jenny helps you get to emotions that are needed by empowering you.

~Renee A, Colorado, USA

This woman is, amazing! Get a reading from her!! Empowering, accurate and awesome! She is amazing! I am floored she even picked you on things happening now! She is incredible!! Incredible! Incredible!

~ Bronwyn, Ontario, Canada