About Me


SUN: pisces

(stellum with venus + mercury)

MOON: libra

RISING: capricorn


A creative dreamer, who loves balance + harmony, and who is ambitious with a calming presence


Diploma in Specialization in Professional Counselling – Kelowna College of Professional Counselling(currently enrolled)
Recreation + Leisure Services diploma – Canadore College(1997-1999)


Certified Holisitic Coach – Radiant Coach Academy(currently enrolled)
80 HR Meditation Teacher certifcation – OM-Line Yoga + Ayurveda(2022)
200 HR Yoga Teacher certification – OM-Line Yoga + Ayurveda(2022)
Self-Reg Foundations certification – The Mehrit Centre(2022)
Certified Trauma + Resilience Practitioner certification – Starr Commonwealth(2022)
Astrology Level I + II certification – Melanie Joy Astrology
Certified Youth Mentor Coach – Youth Coaching Institute(2020)
Certified Youth Leadership Coach – Youth Coaching Institute(2020)

Current Professional Associations

International Coaching Federation – member status
Canada Yoga Alliance – Yoga Teacher
Canadian College of Professional Counsellors + Psychotherapists – student membership

Safety Certifications

Standard First Aid + CPR-C/AED – Action First Aid(2022-2025)
Mental Health First Aid for Supporting Youth – Mental Health Trainer(2022-2024)
Non-Violent Crisis Intervention – Crisis Prevention Institute(2021-2023)

Professional Skills + Volunteer

Risky Play Workshop Online – Level I – Child + Nature Alliance of Canada
In-School Mentor – Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Huron(current school year)

I am a mother of three children who can drive batsh!t crazy, but make me so dang proud of them in the same breath.  I am an animal lover, that can’t stand fur around the house.

I love to be creative, whether it is crafts or out in my gardens, I believe this I get from my mom who is very artistic.  I have a love for the outdoors that was shared by my father who loved to farm on his family land in Hay Swamp Twp in Huron County, or his hikes to find any geocaches that were hidden.

I am a woman who cannot master just one skill, I  crave many.  I will work hard to get it right, and then another skill comes, and the learning starts all over.

I was told by one person, who I really didn’t know, that I would never amount to anything in my life.  In my head, I still to this day remember thinking, you just watch me.  You tell me I can’t do something, or I shouldn’t try it right now, I’m going to do it. When there is a fire there, it lights my passion to greater heights.

I have had to learn to trust myself.  To set up boundaries, stop being a people pleaser, and say “NO” to people more often, and doing only the things that make me happy.

I have always been a seeker in life for information, and for the truth.  I love the saying, ‘there are three sides to a story, their side, your side and the truth’.  I have used this more than once, seeking and wanting fairness in all of life.