Springtime has finally arrived, and in with it the meaning of renewal, rebirth and new beginnings.  I am a farmers daughter, and I would watch my dad plan and anticipate for a new season of growth.  Ensuring the equipment works, cleaning up the dirt that winter left behind, and planting seeds.

It really is no different for the rest of us.  We are aware of a new environment that surrounds us, and we anticipate for new beginnings.

During winter we hibernate and reflect.  Spring brings on brighter and longer days, flowers begin to slowly blossom, buds come out on trees, and the grass begins to green.  The dirt begins to wash away from walk ways, the temperature begins to rise, we spend more time outdoors, and open the windows to bring in fresh air.

During spring we can add a different element and meaning to our mindful practices.  Here are somethings you can do to take advantage of spring and all that it has to offer:


Spring Cleaning

Move those cobwebs.  Clean away the dirt left from winter.  Crack those windows open to allow the air to move.

This has always been my moms favourite time, she has always been huge on decluttering and cleaning, especially during spring, and I agree full heartedly.  Although I might not mention this tidbit to her, as I’m sure I’ll hear how messy I could be as a kid.

Have you ever noticed how you feel after cleaning a room, and there is no mess, just cleanliness and organization.  It lifts you up, and studies have shown that there is an emotional link to our personal environment, that helps improve our mental wellbeing.

When you declutter, go through your clothes and items you do not use.  Remember that old adage, One’s man trash, is another man’s treasure.   Donate those items to a place local to you, or even try to make some money, and put it on Facebook or Kijiji(or whatever it is that works for you).


Hike or Walk While Meditating

This is a great time to get outdoors.  Everything is just waking up.  The plants are popping up out of the cool soil.  The animals are making new homes.  The rivers are overflowing, and clearing away debris.

It also a great way to take advantage of the warming temperatures, the longer daylight and a great way to move our bodies after a cold winter.

Walking is a great way to experience meditation.  It is not only healthy, but a great to move your energy, and it is a beautiful time to be outdoors.


Working in the Gardens

Whether you have a big garden, or just a little patch, it always feels good to get out and clean up the dreariness of winter, and welcome in new growth.  The pull to go out side to work on your garden is greater with the longer days, birds chirping, trees budding, and your plants popping up out of the soil.

Working in a quiet garden will help bring an inner balance and allow you to feel the earth awakening again after a long winter’s sleep bringing you a perspective of what you need to let go, and the new beginnings.

Being outside and active also shows great health benefits for your mental health and wellbeing.  You also get the added benefit of Vitamin D, from all that sunshine you will be soaking up.


Spring Flower Arrangements

I love seeing the stores bringing in tulips and hydrangeas, it is such a lift me up.  Especially after cleaning and decluttering my house, I love adding the bright beautiful colours to my space is a reminder or brighter things to come. 

As spring continues on, some beautiful spring flowers I love are peonies and lilacs.  Flowers are not only such a great pick me up, but can be such a great memory of loved one who passed away.  Also, when the flowers are in your own garden, and you are able to make an arrangement to put on your table, it is very welcoming.


Mindful Sunsets

I’m always intrigued in the colours of the setting sun.  How they can be different each day.  It’s like Mother Nature painting, and with each day, it is a new canvas.

Yesterday, was the first day of spring.  I had gone for a hike at one of the local conservation areas after supper, and on the way home, a Snowy Owl was perched up in the tree.  As I stopped to watch him, I was able to take in the beautiful display in the sky.

Watching a sunset helps melt away any stress, as you watch it change, and the vibrant colours help our mental wellbeing!


Mindful Eating

During winter we tend to eat more hearty foods, comfort foods, foods that help warm us during those cold winter months.  Spring brings light and bright foods.

During spring, fresh produce and bright foods are bursting.  Be sure to visit your local farmers market.  This is a great way to know how your food is grown, and what it has taken for those farmers to produce them.  Giving you a much greater appreciation for your food.

Find a new recipe, that includes the local produce that is available to you.  Prepare your meal in silence.

When eating your meal, eat it mindfully.  Be aware of the tastes, textures, sights and smells of your foods while you eat.  Take the time to savour each bite.